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Non-thermally insulated systems

Unistem DS 50
Window system

The DS 50 door system is designed for the production of non-insulated door blocks and stained-glass windows. Products can

mounted in the opening or integrated into facade systems.

This system is designed for the production of the following door blocks:

  • single-floor, double-leaf and double-leaf door blocks with a shtulp;

  • with and without a basement profile;

  • with a threshold and without a threshold;

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Wind load resistance class according to GOST 23166-99 - A.

The door system can be operated in the range from minus 50 ° С to plus 80 ° С.

Service life of EPDM seals is at least 20 years.

Filling thickness: 4 ... 33 mm.

Mounting depth: 50mm.

Three types of thresholds with heights of 4mm, 14mm and 24mm.

Adapter for installation in a facade system.

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