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Unistem is a facade engineering company.


The main areas of activity: development and supply of systems for windows, doors and building facades based on aluminum profiles. The reliability and cost-effectiveness of Unistem's patented glazing systems are proven by tests and confirmed by successful projects.

Unistem systems have awards and diplomas of the highest degree in industry competitions for the development of innovative solutions.

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“The best innovative product,

participating in the import substitution program”

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“An innovative product for translucent structures”

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“Innovative solution for facades”



New glazing design opportunities

The union of beauty and functionality – this is how an architectural masterpiece is characterized most often. Even glazing design is a search for complex geometry of forms, composition, new stylistic and constructive solutions. Therefore, architects always monitor the appearance of new technologies that will allow them to concentrate more on the aesthetics of the building, rather than on the possibilities of implementation. Design facades of buildings with the use of technologies of  the Unistem company is the most advanced method in the market and gives the architect the broad technical capabilities.

The facade of the house must be of the highest quality

Behind the beauty of stylistic solutions should stand constructive solutions that will make the facade of the house not only attractive, but also safe, meeting the highest quality standards.

Each element of the facade glazing system has been tested in independent laboratories. The system fully complies with current quality standards and has a high wear resistance index, including against corrosion. The regulatory requirements for such safety parameters as fire resistance and protection against falling out are also taken into account.

For architects

Unique facade glazing solutions - collaboration

The company's technical specialists provide support not only to manufacturing, but also to design organizations.

Holding training seminars for architects allows to fully appreciate the wide possibilities of modular facades.

Support center specialists will assist and advise at any stage of the project development: during the preparation of project documentation and a feasibility study, as well as provide any nodal solutions.

Joint development of a unique solution for facade glazing for an object is also possible.


Balconies facade glazing: comfort and beauty

The set of indicators of the comfort of the room, experts call the microclimate. It will be provided by facade glazing of balconies, thanks to which the internal environment in the building will meet the physiological and psychological needs of a person. Special valves in the design create a natural ventilation system that does not require control and energy consumption. Air tightness and sound insulation indicators are additionally ensured by a double circuit of high-quality rubber seals. It is also possible to integrate outer lamellas, which are an excellent UV-filter and additionally regulate temperature indicators.

Protection and safety - the main parameters of facade glazing

Unistem facade glazing technology meets Class A quality in terms of reliability parameters such as resistance to mechanical action, protection from wind, moisture, sun and noise. Safety is ensured by the developed design of the railings with vertical uprights, which completely prevents the probability of falling out. The reliability of the materials used, confirmed by laboratory tests, as well as warranty service, can extend the life of the system for almost the entire life of the building itself.

For consumers

Translucent faсade accentuates the style inside and out

The external aesthetics will be enhanced by decorative and functional elements: stylish railings and sun-protective lamellas. The minimum possible visible width of the profiles will provide a panoramic view from the windows. More than 20 design options, as well as a full range of coloring options allow you to implement the most extraordinary stylistic solutions in the rooms.


Glazing systems that are mounted faster

Such characteristics of a modular glazing system, such as a wide range and versatility of elements, can reduce financial costs and construction time, and hence payback periods. High speed of facade glazing installation due to commonalityof elements and high-quality manufacturing of all system nodes, provides a reduction of the facility completion deadline and its quick commissioning.

The key to the quality of translucent structures

One of the main quality indicators of translucent structures and their durability is full compliance with construction regulations.

All of the system nodes were tested by several independent laboratories and received certificates of compliance to the highest quality standards that have no analogues in the domestic market. High quality of the elements, the individual appearance of the bulding facade and the short construction period contribute to increasing the profitability of the property.

For investors

Aesthetics and building culture

High building culture is a half-forgotten term today that includes three elements: the culture of the work organization, the workflow culture and the builder culture. A high level of  the workflow process quality ensured by highly qualified employees recruitment. Using the Unistem glazing technology significantly simplifies elements accounting and eliminates incidents of materials theft from the construction site.

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