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Thermally insulated systems

Unistem MSW 60

Modular system

System capabilities:

Integration of sun protection and of inner and outer railings. The system can be made both with decorative covers or different shaped outer lamellas and without them.In this case seams between double-glazed windows are filled with sealant resistant to ultraviolet. A non-thermally insulated option with the following warmth-keeping of the system is available.

komendantsky_20msw 60.jpg


Visible width                                            60 mm

Mounting Depth                                   160 mm

Item Width                               up to 2,200 mm

Element height                        up to 4 200 mm

Assembled weight                        up to 300 kg


Maximum filling thickness:

Transparent                                  up to 56 mm

Opaque                                       up to 120 mm

Reduced res. heat transfer structure                                                     before  1.0  m² ° С / W

Designed for building envelopes of residential and public, high-rise and unique buildings.

MSW 60 Крест.png
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