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Thermally insulated systems

Unistem Select

Window system

One system – a lot of opportunities

The new window series allows you to choose the material, texture and color of the coating for the frame and sash indoors.



Unistem Select Renaissance

The design of the window profile and spros is in the classic Renaissance style.

Unistem Select Ultra


The profile is designed in a modern style. In addition, hidden drainage is provided in the system.

Hidden sash

The use of a hidden sash in the window structure reduces the visible part of the profile from the outside, thus increasing the light opening. The concealed sash is available in all basic series and architectural solutions.

Aluminum lining

Allows you to select the design of the window from the room side. In addition, aluminum trims increase the thermal performance of the window profile.

Covers made of fine wood

Aluminum is a durable and durable material that guarantees a long service life of the window. Fine wood trims give the window an individual design.


RC “Tri Vetra”

ЖК Альтер
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